CD 1 Artist Title Source / Comments
Billy Joel In A Sentimental Mood Not on any Billy Joel Record, luckily found on the OST of the movie "A League Of Their Own"; starring Tom Hanks and Madonna, directed by Penny Marshall in 1992.
Billy Joel Piano Interlude "The Stranger", 1977.
John Bahler One More Kiss Dear Original SoundTrack "Blade Runner", 1972.
Art Garfunkel Two Sleepy People OST "A League Of Their Own", 1992
James Taylor Fire And Rain "James Taylor Live", 1993
Paul Weller Country "Wild Wood", 1993
Bruce Springsteen If I Should Fall Behind "Lucky Town", 1992. One of the greatest Love-Songs ever!
Dire Straits On Every Street "On Every Street", 1991
Van Morrison Wonderful Remark This version taken from the OST of "The King Of Comedy"; starring Robert de Niro, directed by Martin Scorsese in 1983. Producer of the Soundtrack was Robbie Robertson.
10 Bruce Springsteen Blood Brothers This was one of four new tracks on his "Greatest Hits" Album, released in 1995. This Song says it all...
11 Ricky Nelson Lonesome Town OST "Pulp Fiction", directed by Quentin Tarantino in 1994.
12 Barbra Streisand The Way We Were From the Sampler "Memories", released in 1981. (Is this song out of a movie, also starring Robert Redford?)
13 Julio Iglesias feat. Art Garfunkel Let It Be Me "Crazy", 1994.
14 Tom Waits Somewhere "Blue Valentine", 1978. Still one of his best albums.
15 Johnny Hartman It Was Almost Like A Song OST "The Bridges Of Madison County", directed by Clint Eastwood in 1995. Starring Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep.
16 Neil Young Philadelphia OST "Philadelphia", directed by Jonathan Demme in 1993. Starring Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington.
17 Don McLean Vincent "American Pie", 1971.
18 Klaus Hoffmann Weil du nicht bist wie alle andern "Ein Konzert", 1980.
19 The Beatles Long And Winding Road "Let It Be", 1970.
20 Van Morrison Avalon Of The Heart "Enlightenment", 1990.
21 Billy Joel Piano Interlude "The Stranger", 1977.
CD 2
01 Don McLean Castles In The Air "Tapestry", 1971.
02 Johnny Farrow / Marty Symes I Have But One Heart OST "The Godfather", directed by Francis Ford Coppola in 1972. Credits note Johnny Farrow / Marty Symes. It´s not clear if as Composers or Performers.
03 Van Morrison The Streets Of Arklow "Veedon Fleece", 1974.
04 Etta James At Last OST "Rain Man", directed by Barry Levinson in 1983. Starring Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise.
05 Billy Joel Where´s The Orchestra? "The Nylon Curtain", 1982.
06 Nilsson Everybody´s Talkin´ OST "Asphalt Cowboy", directed by John Schlesinger in 1969. Starring Dustin Hoffman and Jon Voight.
07 Robert Palmer Aeroplane "Don´t explain", 1990.
08 Sting Santa Agnes And The Burning Train "The Soul Cages", 1991.
09 Bee Gees Love So Right "Children Of The World", 1976.
10 Neil Young Helpless Neil Young at "MTVunplugged", 1993.
11 Anne Murray You Needed Me "Let´s Keep It That Way", 1978.
12 Frank Sinatra with Quincy Jones Orchestra How Do You Keep The Music Playing "LA Is My Lady", produced by Quincy Jones in 1984.
13 Frank Sinatra with Count Basie Orchestra Fly Me To The Moon OST "Listen Up: The Lives Of Quincy Jones", 1990.
14 Leonard Cohen Everybody Knows "I´m Your Man", 1988.
15 Billy Joel Summer, Highland Falls "Songs In The Attic", 1981.
16 George Michael I Can´t Make You Love Me "Ladies And Gentlemen", song from 1997.
17 Don McLean Crossroads "American Pie", 1971.
18 Van Morrison Carrying A Torch "Hymns To The Silence", 1991.
19 Billy Joel And So It Goes "Stormfront", 1989.
20 Don McLean It´s A Beautiful Life "Chain Lightning", 1978.
21 Eastwood / Niehaus Doe Eyes (Reprise) OST "The Bridges of Madison County", 1995. Song composed by Clint Eastwood, conducted by Lennie Niehaus.
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Compiled by Christoph Schroeder, 1999.